The Power of Two: My Brother and Me

Most people do not enjoy the train ride back to New York City from a party-packed, summer weekend at Montauk, NY. I rarely shared in this common view. Any train for me is a great space for focus. But the return trip from Montauk was always a specifically great time for me. It allowed me to return to my more … Read More

Inspiring the Uninspired: 15 Videos that Give Me the Chills

In a letter to a friend, Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1771: “When any . . . act of charity or of gratitude, for instance, is presented either to our sight or imagination, we are deeply impressed with its beauty and feel a strong desire in ourselves of doing charitable and grateful acts also.” Jefferson thought this was as true in … Read More

Meditation: My Introduction

[This is Part I of III.  For Part II and Part III on What the Experts have to say] “When I look back at my life, I am happy to have had what most people would consider a successful life, not only in terms of business, but in my relationships and in lots of ways,” said Ray Dalio, founder of … Read More

Diverbo: Lesson On Listening (Part II)

Part 2: The People and Activities [This is Part II.  If you have not read Part I, click here.  For Part III – here] As soon as I walked into the room, I was nearly brought to tears as I was overtaken by a particular and deeply missed feeling. The fresh smell of linens? The comfort of being in my … Read More

Diverbo: Lessons on Listening (Part I)

Part I – The Arrival [Go to Part II. Go to Part III.] “Seat’s taken.” The now-trite phrase was hurled at me matter-of-factly as the speaker covered the seat with her hand. I was a bit caught off guard. Was this a joke or should I be offended? I felt a bit like a young Forest Gump. Well, except that I was … Read More