Hi, I’m Justin – the person writing this sentence.
Justin Steinfelder
This is me
Justin Steinfelder
And this is me looking stupid underneath a big tree in Muir Woods, CA

You will now refer to me only as “The Dilettante.”

If you think that sounds like a superhero name — I agree.  I provided the NYPD with a Dilettante Bat Signal, but they have yet to use it.  This is the best idea I have for a costume.

So – What is a “dilettante” and what does he do?  There ya go..

This blog will (selfishly) provide articles on various topics of particular interest to ME: Travel, Nutrition, Books, Business, Psychology, History and Comedy.

Will they be of interest to you?  Hopefully – but I have no clue.

To help you decide – here are 11 reasons NOT to read this blog.

Still want to sign up?  Well, usually we don’t pick up hitchhikers – but I’m gonna go with my instinct on this one.  Saddle up, Partner! (sign-up on upper right).

All signed up?  Here’s my first article. Here are my most recent posts.

Feel free to leave any comments or shoot me a note at steinfelder@thedilettante.org – and thanks for reading.