Three Good Ideas: Goals and Doubt

[Reading time: about eight minutes, or less time than it takes the average woman to do her makeup] One of the hardest parts about pursuing a goal is doubt. It’s getting through the bad days, days of discouragement where you’d rather stay in bed. It’s this constant balancing between “I’m really onto something” and “I’m never going to make it.” … Read More

The Best Books from my 35th Year

As far as I can tell, there are two types of readers: Singles and Severals. Singles focus on one book at a time. Some, out of a sense of overwhelm (“I could never handle more than one book at a time!”). Some, out of a sense of order (“Everything in its place, damn it”). Others, out a sense of ceremony. … Read More

Summer Reading: 5 Great Books For The Beach

Ok, maybe it isn’t quite the August Beach Reading season you were hoping for. Usually, around this time of year, you’d head out to some mountain-front lake and shamelessly break out that teen fiction. Or perhaps you work up the courage to crack open that 700-page Chernow biography. But instead of sitting in some sandy oasis, you’re sitting on a … Read More

The Best Books From My 34th Year

What do we do about hard books? You know, the ones. You keep reading the same page over and over again, absorbing none of it. Like attempting to swallow a mouthful of cinnamon. What do we do about those books? Do we struggle through? Or put them down? For Readers, capital “R,” this is a very important question. Because you … Read More

Five “Stories” For By-The-Fire Reading

For the most part, I dread packing to go home for the holidays.  Often, I put it off until the last minute, forcing upon myself tasks that I all of a sudden must get done before I leave. And even when I finally face the drudgery of deciding which things to take and start stuffing them in my suitcase, I … Read More

3 Great Books For A Mid-Summer Night’s Read (plus why I am in a “book club”)

Reading Time: ~10-12 min Introduction: You Should Join A “Book Club” To say I’m in a book club would be misleading. It isn’t the ‘book’ part, though. Books, we’ve got. It’s more the ‘club’ part that’s euphemistic. It’s not really a club. It’s just two people— me and Geremy. Less book club, more like-minded duo. At first blush, this probably … Read More

5 Great Books I Read This Summer

Reading Time: ~11 min   There exist at least three types of books: Good books, Great books, and All-Time books.   Good Books I recently took Malcolm Gladwell’s Masterclass. If you haven’t considered taking a Masterclass- I’d look into it. In one lesson, Gladwell is riffing on the subject of how to determine what to read in the midst of … Read More

10 Podcast Episodes That Changed The Way I Think

Reading Time: 5ish minute intro + 10, 1-min recommendations.   Don’t you just love when someone recommends a 600-page book, or a five-season, TV series to you?  Great, so all I need is about 25-50 hours to dedicate to this thing. Thanks, fella.  As Chapelle Show comedy writer Neil Brennan once said, “so, I realized I could either dedicate the … Read More

My 21 Favorite Books (Plus 11 Re-Readables) from my 32nd Year

“Just what we need, another book list” This is the trite and apologetic way in which most people start off an article like this.  As if to say to the reader, “I understand you, I know these are annoying, and I’m so sorry.” Like the guy in this commercial in the bikini – they seek to communicate to you: “We … Read More