Allow Myself To Introduce…Myself

Hi, I’m Justin – the person writing this sentence.  That’s me ⇒ That’s me  looking stupid under a big tree —-> You will now refer to me only as “The Dilettante.” If you think that sounds like a superhero name — I agree.  I provided the NYPD with a Dilettante Bat Signal, but they have yet to use it.  This is … Read More

Why Dilettante?

So – what is a Dilettante and what does he do? Well, that depends on who you ask. Actually, it depends on when you ask.  As in what historical time-period. You see, it used to be that the word “dilettante” meant someone with a lot of interests and the means to pursue those interests (whether that be time, money, energy, … Read More

Here’s Why I SUCK as a Blogger

Hiiyaaa Paaaaalll. Allow myself, to introduce…myself. My name is Justin. I am a Pisces, I like writing, and I’ve never been laid. Ipso facto — I started a blog. Now, I realize that you (three friends and mom) have taken the time to read my blog in place of the 1000 other things that you otherwise could be (and probably … Read More