Freak to Geek Part II: The Results

[Reading Time: 25-30 minutes]   Now well into my fourth decade (I recently turned 32), I’ve come to a realization: I really don’t know that much. On a yearly basis, I’ve come across new information that either wholly dispels, or calls into serious question, the beliefs I previously had, the stories I told, and the narratives in which I lived. … Read More

My TB12 Experience: Tom Brady’s Answer To Chronic Injury

I get hurt a lot. No, I don’t mean emotionally (Ok, that too). I mean physically injured.  A familiar echo of my family and friends follows every such incident:  “Jesus, Justin, you’re hurt again?!” In my lifetime, I’ve sprained, cracked, strained, or torn the following: toe, ankles, knee (ACL, MCL, meniscus), hammy, quad, groin, ab, ribs, wrist, thumb, pinky, shoulder, … Read More

Tony Robbins’s UPW: My Experience

  Standing in a one-hour line that meandered around LA’s Downtown Radisson, I found it hard to place the way I was feeling.  I wasn’t quite excited, nor exactly scared.  Perhaps it was a mixture, as Owen Wilson suggests while being strapped into a rocket minutes before launch. The sun shone down on the disparate faces, all there from different … Read More

Becoming An Intelligent Eater: An Introduction

Average Reading Time: 6 minutes (or a about the time the average man lasts in bed) In the year 1950, an investor named Benjamin Graham published a book called, “The Intelligent Investor.” Though Graham is likely little known in today’s world, his understudy will ring familiar. The reason you are likely to know Graham’s student is simply this: he is … Read More

The Power of Two: My Brother and Me

Most people do not enjoy the train ride back to New York City from a party-packed, summer weekend at Montauk, NY. I rarely shared in this common view. Any train for me is a great space for focus. But the return trip from Montauk was always a specifically great time for me. It allowed me to return to my more … Read More

Inspiring the Uninspired: 15 Videos that Give Me the Chills

“When any . . . act of charity or of gratitude, for instance, is presented either to our sight or imagination, we are deeply impressed with its beauty and feel a strong desire in ourselves of doing charitable and grateful acts also.” Thomas Jefferson wrote the above in a letter to his friend in 1771. Jefferson thought this was as true … Read More

Meditation: My Introduction

[This is Part I of III.  For Part II and Part III on What the Experts have to say] “When I look back at my life, I am happy to have had what most people would consider a successful life, not only in terms of business, but in my relationships and in lots of ways,” said Ray Dalio, founder of … Read More

Diverbo: Lesson On Listening (Part II)

Part 2: The People and Activities [This is Part II.  If you have not read Part I, click here.  For Part III – here] As soon as I walked into the room, I was nearly brought to tears as I was overtaken by a particular and deeply missed feeling. The fresh smell of linens? The comfort of being in my … Read More